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40-41 Pall Mall



United Kingdom


Telephone: +447789680388


Since founding Clase Fine Art in 2005, Andrés Clase has become known for his eclectic taste in paintings and drawings from the 16th to the 21st Centuries. Given his Swedish heritage Andrés has a natural interest in Nordic artists. Having travelled extensively, he also maintains a strong interest in European artists of many nationalities. Together with his wife, Francesca Fiumano, he is also a co-director of Fiumano Clase which represents contemporary artists.


Andrés returns to the art of Gustave Doré, a subject which he first studied in depth during his time at Sotheby's, where he catalogued a range of paintings by the artist. His interest in Doré was rooted in his early schoolyears when the opportunity arose to study the Swedish edition (see No. 11) of the richly illustrated Bible which made the artist famous.